20 May 2011

Hazel Rocks her Crewcuts Poncho

La Modette ADORES this petite Modette's look!

Hazel is a third grader in North Seattle but already shows advanced style skills. Her knit poncho from J. Crew's Crewcuts line for kids - the Obama girls are fans - is a lovely topper that keeps the chill out of a Seattle spring (esp. this year). The ruffled, sweeping collar adds a touch of playfulness and so do the matching flowers on her sandals. And those finger waves in her hair? All natural. Envy!

Hazel recently completed an after school class in quilting led by her school librarian. With two Jack Russell Terriers at home, maybe she'll be dressing them up in style soon with matching quilted doggie jackets?

La Modette looks forward to watching Hazel's style continue to bloom!


  1. Please do continue to follow Hazel's style! I love her outfit from head to toe. Does that poncho come in my size? :)

    - Molly

  2. Hazel's style is amazing! Thanks for sharing this!
    -Karen & Melissa

  3. What a cutie! So much style. Im happy that La Modette is back in effect!!

  4. Hazel has her own little blog she occasionally writes on: http://itshardbeingakid.blogspot.com/
    Feel free to check her out.

    She also has a few things on:

    I'm excited to show her this post. I'll be sure to remind her of this on her more difficult days.

  5. Thanks, ladies for all of your comments and for celebrating both Hazel and street style.