01 October 2011

Nordic Fashion Biennale in Seattle

Dress by Guorun & Guorun, Faroe Islands
Quick, do you know where the Faroe Islands are?  Didn't think so. :-)

That's part of the reason Nordic fashion designers from Scandinavia have convened the Nordic Fashion Biennale (NFB) this weekend in Seattle.  Featuring fabrics, jewelry and fashions from Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and yes, the Faroe Islands (between Scotland and Iceland), the NFB rocks the house with couture that couldn't look more un-Paris or un-New York.  The Biennale kicks off a fashion exhibit to be held through November 13th -- all hosted at Ballard's own Nordic Heritage Museum.

A fashion summit in Seattle? At the Nordic Heritage Museum? Yes, all true. After all, the city could truly be considered New Scandinavia. Yet La Modette was surprised to find at the exhibit opening -- as her friend Lisa B. put it --"not a clog in sight."  No Norski sweaters either. Styles abounded as style-istas came out to celebrate both fashion and the Land of the Midnight sun.

Don't mess with this dress! Isaksen Design
La Modette felt welcome right away when Icelandic designer Ragna Frooa asked - with a completely straight face - if I was Nordic.  Ragna then explained that I could pass for a Greenlander, whose people are more closely related to native people in the Americas than the blonde-and-blue folks of Scandinavia.

As a nature lover, La Modette was impressed by the generous riffing on nature themes in the styles.  Knit fabrics - in both fine and large weaves -- felt and wool lent an organic feel without one iota of shlubby hippy.  Sophisticated and unpredictable, these designers play with the palette and textures of their homelands.

Watch for more posts this week on the Grand Opening Reception festivities and more!

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